We all agree that the Youth of today are the Leaders of tomorrow.  Many of our youth are inundated with negative messaging and poor role models through the media, social media, and even their own friends and family.  At Whole Vet, we are building Whole Youth programs to reach our military youth and ensure they get the right messaging – you have greatness inside of you, you are capable and able, you are a leader, and you are valued and needed by your family and our great nation.  These programs will be introduced at the military bases and other events as we hold Family Transition Days.

At Whole Vet, we are in this for the long haul.  We have the vision, diligence, and steadfast resolve to see success realized in the lives of every Whole Youth. Whole Vet has teamed with The General H. Hugh Shelton Leadership Center, housed at NC State University, to lead our Youth Programs.

Shelton Leadership Center