At Whole Vet we realize that marriages in America are seemingly under attack from all angles – stress brought on from financial challenges, sickness, un-resolved issues of all sorts, and the general pressures of life.  All of these can also be compounded for our active duty and veteran families due to the unique nature of their service to our country.  We know at Whole Vet that when one person serves, the Whole Family serves including the spouse and children.   Our goal is simple – to do what we can to bring fulfillment, prosperity, and healing to the Whole Veteran Family.  You deserve it!

To that end, we will partner with proven organizations to provide access to marriage retreats and conferences that will allow marriages to be fulfilled, restored, and enjoyed.  We know it is possible as we have seen it proven in the lives of ourselves and others.  You are valuable to each other and to us!  We do this simply because we appreciate you and love you.