John Rusch, MSgt, USAF, TACP for 17 years.

Advise Ground Commander on the best use of air power within the ground scheme. Currently stationed at the 14th ASOS Pope AAF.

Why do I know Whole Vet will help military members and their families in the community? Past organizations focused mainly on the military member and a little on everything else. Whole Vet, like the name suggests, helps in all aspects.  Whole Vet will link it all together (the service member, his/her family, and the community) while helping the service member and their family be the very best they can be in body, mind, and spirit. The family keeps the military member focused and gives the member a goal or goals to get too. It also would give family members, and the community, a way to ensure they reach their goals. Whole Vet provides a platform in which everyone is helping each other get over whatever obstacles get in the way and empowering our vets, their families, and the community.