Vision is what defines us and is the revealing of our purpose and destiny.  At Whole Vet, we believe in ‘Living in Vision, not Circumstances’.  Vision is comprehensive and what guides us as we put in action plans to meet goals that ultimately brings fulfillment of the Vision.  The Circumstances of any particular day can change and can also discourage or encourage the individual or organization.  We work through and overcome Circumstances while always looking to the fulfillment of the Vision.


Whole Vet Building Lives Together

Responsibility and Opportunity

The United States of America is great because of the very foundation that we were founded upon.  Since the creation of our country, that foundation has been sustained and protected by many great people.  At the forefront of this sustainment and protection are our veteran and active duty military, National Guard, and Reserves families.  The selfless sacrifice of our active duty and veteran families allows us to enjoy a freedom not seen in every country on the Earth past or present.  The Vision of Whole Vet is to assist the Whole Veteran family as they transition from military service to a civilian career or build their career as they serve through the National Guard and Reserves.


The Responsibility that we all share is to give back to those that have given of themselves in the protection of our country, our freedoms, and our families. Veterans and Active Duty military members and their families transcend race, gender, religion, and all origins. At Whole Vet, we endeavor to provide the love and support necessary to our transitioning and veteran families while working with other like-minded and like-hearted organizations.  Whole Vet will provide a platform for everyone involved with Opportunities to fulfill the responsibility we all share.  We will never compete, but will collaborate and complement with other great organizations and individuals as it fits within our Vision.

Next Steps...

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